Celsius and Fahrenheit are heating systems for both domestic and industrial electrical heating, using long-wave infrared rays. These systems have been developed in Italy since 1999.

Infrared thermal radiation is heating at a frequency lower than visible light and higher than radio waves.

Infrared is that electromagnetic frequency associated with heat, this is because every object naturally emits infrared waves and contributes to the heating of the environment.

Celsius and Fahrenheit infrared panels are designed to combine functionality, aesthetics, thermal well-being, economic savings and respect for the environment, the systems have been developed with ultra-performance technology. This revolutionary technology works with long-wave infrared radiation which will revolutionize the way homes and industrial buildings will be heated in the future. In both residential and work situations you will experience a higher thermal well-being.

Our mission

Working on a CO2-free living and working environment with the help of our Infrared panels using the latest ultra-performance technologies in the field of long-wave infrared heating systems. These systems are suitable for both residential and industrial buildings, where economic savings, physical well-being and respect for the environment predominate.

Our vision

Provide heating welfare with the lowest possible economic and ecological impact.

Our Values

Environmental and Social Responsibility

We are convinced that if a company does not bring anything positive for our society and our environment, it has no right to exist; because of this, we commit ourselves every day to do our part to make the world a better place.


For us, innovation is about seeing what everyone has seen and thinking about what no one has thought of. The technologies we use are unique and inimitable.


We believe that it is better to do only a few things, but then do them very well.


Not all products are suitable for all customers, which is why we are committed to giving all our customers truthful and free advice.


Because technology should make our lives easier, we use this technology at the service of your well-being.

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