About us

As an entrepreneur, I am positive about the energy transition. When my office needed a new heating-system, I executed a thoroughly survey. I wanted it to be sustainable, but also affordable and reliable. It had to be a good alternative to the present gas-system and to the other options that are currently offered.

 In the Netherlands I could not find this, so I, as an Italian who has been living in the Netherlands for 50 years, turned my eyes to Italy. The Tesi-group offered a completely new system. I was invited to the factory and became more enthusiastic, considering the professionalism they displayed and the many sophisticated benefits of the infrared panel. After purchasing and testing this myself, my entrepreneurial spirit was awakened and I had a talk with the owner and producer of Tesi. This has resulted in me now being the importer for the Benelux and Northern Germany of this fantastic system.

I am convinced that this product can make a substantial, sustainable, affordable and maintenance-free contribution to a gas-free Netherlands. An additional advantage is the health aspect and 100% recyclability. I wish you an interesting journey through our infrared heat panel site and hope to see you soon as our agent.

Pietro Lai