Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our infrared panels. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Why install a controller for each panel and not only for the management of all the panels?

In doing so we can handle the heating and the temperature in individual rooms. The house has different needs as if in a room beats the sun and is heated by this if we have a single detector in this room do not notice the rising temperature and would run needlessly heating in the room. Another example we come into the house and opening the door cool entrance area (where normally the thermostat is installed) with our system will turn on only the affected area and leave off everything else, with the traditional system unnecessarily runs all the heating.

The panel works as the micro waves?

No!! The micro wave heating foods and beverages because it acts on the water molecules moving them at high speed, the infrared ray is the ray of the Sun, heats surfaces and does not act by altering or forcing the movement of molecules.

At what height should be installed electric radiant Panel?

It is advisable to install it in 5/15 cm from the floor; the maximum height is 1.20 m (in the typical configuration of mirror installation in a bathroom).

Electric radiant panels can be installed on the ceiling?

Yes, but in case of ceiling heating the efficiency is reduced. Discover our Celsius panel CP1/A ceiling mounting.

What is the expected life time of the panels over time?

The Celsius panels are guaranteed 5 years (you can extend the warranty to 10 years). The Fahrenheit panels have 2 year warranty extendable to 10 (2 + 8). For all panels the duration is 30 years (but no components subject to wear really is virtually unlimited duration).

The panels also act as dehumidifiers?

Yes, heat and sanitize. This is possible because the infrared radiant plates create a uniform and homogeneous temperature inside the room, reducing the rate of humidity and creating healthier environments. Their high degree of electrical insulation makes them suitable for installation in damp rooms such as bathrooms. Check out all the other advantages.

If you install only one panel do increased Kw?

No, not by a single panel serves no increase of Kw.

The panels can be connected to a normal socket?

Yes, the panels of an infrared heating system work with the normal 220/230 v power supply.

The panel has a thermostat or simply works in on/off mode?

All electric radiant panels Celsius have installed a modular control unit (thermostat). All electric radiant panels installed its own Fahrenheit control panel.

How to heat a room? The panel alone manages to reheat or serve only as an existing heating implementation?

Our panel is a substitute for the traditional heating.

What temperature the radiant plates in contact?

About 90° C at full power; a panel at work remains around 40/60° C.

Installation of heating with Celsius panels must be carried out by specialised personnel?

It is not necessary, just knowing how to use the drill. It takes only two holes in the wall, two plugs (included) and a socket nearby.

Infrared panels need special maintenance?

No, you only need periodic cleaning with neutral detergents.