Mattress with infrared technology Celsius CP6/A


The polymer used for the mattress is available in shapes, sizes and finishes that can be customized, and is particularly suitable for situations requiring special thermal characteristics.
The polymer can be tailored, built as adhesive tape, applied in underground and coupled to many materials (wood, metals, plastics, glass, etc.).
Until now, the mattress has been successfully employed in these applications:

  • the surface of the room to be heated;
  • Aesthetics – mattress placed under the massage table or on the ground; relaxes the muscles of the person favoring the operator who performs massage.
  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries – where we need constant temperatures (e.g. for specific products that do not have to undergo thermal shock) it is possible to apply the layer directly under the shelf.
  • Germinating plants – the mattress has been tested with the Scion system, favoring the reproduction, even the toughest plants (like the olive trees).
  • Gardens – put down under the grass allows itself to grow even when it is completely covered by snow; under the mantle temperature is kept constant.
  • Animal – by applying the heating mat under the resting area we can keep animals warm (tests carried out in a zoo).

Suggested retail price € 965,00 (incl. 21% VAT).



Taking advantage of the technology used for the infrared electric heating, we have designed for the health of the person, a mattress that can be used as undermattress to active the blood circulation, improving the metabolism, reducing the rheumatism and improving breathing.
The mattress Celsius controls and maintains the relative humidity does not burn oxygen and is economical; also complies with all European standards.
Is made of self-extinguishing polymer treaty and made completely pond. The inner core consists of a thin-film materials, appropriately shaped, assembled and fed. The thin-film polymer in manages to give off in extreme safety Infrared waves 8.5?m wavelength frequency, C.


Model Power Material
Celsius Mattress CP6/A 50W Polymer cl.1
Height Width Depth Weight
1500mm 650mm 15 mm 1kg