Psysical benefits

Discover the beneficial “warmth” of new panel Celsius.

Health aspects

Heating to infrared light has some clear advantages in terms of health, than other convection heating systems; radiation on the skin immediately translates into a feeling of well-being. The circulation is stimulated by an increase in skin temperature and heat, thanks to this mechanism of “transport”, penetrates the skin optimally in the body.

People who suffer from rheumatism are very sensitive to unstable conditions, such as air currents and moisture, with wall radiant wall panels they find well-being because air conditions are very homogeneous and stable.

People who have respiratory problems and asthma sufferers, bear a better environment with the infrared heating system because it does not create air flow; in this way the dust does not enter in a circle.

Even those who bring contact lenses feel of great benefits from a cleaner environment and constant humidity.

Mild Homeothermy to the human body with Celsius panels

Heating panels Celsius is exclusively used the long-wave infrared.

This is possible with the application of a limited surface temperature to 80-100° C at full power. The Panel surface is glass and can be touched without risk of burns.

The panels are arranged in such a way that all parts of the body being irradiated, feet included.

Through a diffuse reflection from the walls of the cabin you get a perfect radiation for the whole body. The heat transfer through radiation, preventing any respiratory or circulatory problem.

The maximum wavelength of heating panels Celsius conforms to Wien’s displacement law to 8.5 ?m, the new cab with the system devised by Celsius, allows the indoor air at a lower temperature radiating surfaces without exceeding the 50/65° c.

Electro-magnetic pollution (ElectroSmog), is almost non-existent. Electrical and magnetic intensity measured in the cabin is less than 5%, in accordance with EU values.

Advantages of use

In conclusion, we can emphasize the following requirements:
Celsius heating panels can be installed in the domestic environment (also with radiant ceiling panels, or transforming a room into a home sauna infrared).The thermal cabin can be used whit a clinical Homeothermy to the body.

People with circulatory problems have a very good chance of detoxification through perspiration without aggravating their organism.

The infrared heating panels Celsius-C can be installed as heating of any structure, helping the body to proper metabolism.

Heating panels Celsius, if used regularly, they protect the onset of muscular tears during sports activities.
Further research is in progress, for example in sports medicine.