Technical Advantages

Ease and speed of installation

Celsius panels are lightweight, small size, easy to carry and assemble without resorting to skilled labour.

On the package you will find the template for the realization of the two holes in the wall with the aid of a simple drill, then inserted the two plugs (included in the package), you can hang the electric panel and plug it into any socket.

For better performance we recommend panels hang it at a height of between 5 and 15 cm from the floor.

Thermal and wellness home

As well as the sun, even the radiant panel heat by radiation all surrounding surfaces, making even the perception of heat into the environment and onto the body. The absolute silence and an electromagnetic emissions close to zero, make this type of heating more physiologically compatible with the human body.

Choose to use an infrared heating system and use it for home environment or for the workplace can indeed prove to be a winning strategy and beneficial for all.

Environmental sustainability (and economic)

Heating infrared panels, in addition to ensuring climate prosperity, is also good for the environment and the wallet.

We are convinced that consume less is the best way to protect the environment; also the Celsius panels are recyclable at 100%.


Each panel is equipped with a programmable and independent unit, easy and intuitive to use, allowing you to program times and temperatures in an ideal way, depending on your needs and the characteristics of the environment.

Electrical insulation

Thanks to an innovative insulating material we managed to integrate all the electrical contacts, protecting them from any external agent: This guarantees a minimum protection of IP 54 and IP 68 for the control panel.

Zero maintenance

Given the absence of moving parts, radiant panels Celsius do not require any routine maintenance; simply make a periodic cleaning with neutral detergents.

Infrared panels for home automation

The Celsius system is designed for your current and future facilities. The control unit is compatible and can be driven from any home automation system, remote control and telephone dialers provided and they have an on/off control.

The control unit has a dedicated channel, decoupled from the network, which enables the control of the power unit; in other words, this translates into the ability to command and control the infrared heating of your home at any time and from any distance you are.

Each installed module is independent, this will make it possible to control the climate comfort for every single local to each single radiant panel, thus favoring saving.

The efficiency of this system makes it particularly suitable for holiday homes, where the heating intermittent and not continuous is, but where it’s nice to find a good climate comfort as soon as it arrives.


The high standard aesthetic-functional panel improves the wellbeing of the whole family and, simultaneously, to furnish the home with a minimalist touch of great elegance.

The smooth and homogeneous surface of the panels Celsius, being formally neutral, integrates seamlessly and elegantly to any type of furnishing allowing considerable energy savings and guaranteeing respect for the ecosystem.