Why rely on infrared heating

The use of infrared panels in domestic heating systems and the office is a sensational discovery: the Celsius is an element that decorates and heats the environment by emitting infrared light (invisible) at low temperature. Its rays, wavelengths between 7 and 11 ?m, are considered to be “the light of life”, the same as used in the medical field for rehabilitation therapies.

The effect of light in this wavelength increases the body temperature and tissues, improves the metabolism of cells and helping the reduction of fat. It is an excellent treatment for sufferers of rheumatism, arthritis, skin disorders, muscular pains, effective against acne and eczema, it activates the toning of muscles before sports and helps to prevent muscle strains. It is also an excellent heating for asthmatics. Learn more about the physical benefits.

The substantial differences between the traditional heating and convection heating systems with infrared radiant panels are summarized below.

Convection heating systems

Heats the air confined by the emanating heat (radiator, stove, fan coil). Subsequently, due to the natural circulation of air, the rest of the environment warmed up, with creating convective patterns that alter the relative humidity within the environment unevenly.

The creation in convective patterns (airflow) takes heat of all objects, walls and people. For this reason you will have to heat the environment more, to get a feeling of heat, resulting in a waste of energy.

Infrared heating

Radiates objects (walls, ceilings, floor, furniture) that, so heated, transmit heat evenly to the surroundings. This phenomenon also maintains the relative humidity across the environment favouring the thermic well-being.

With this innovative electric heating system there is no air circulation and the body is directly heated by infrared light in the environment, besides furniture, walls, floors and all objects will be warmer to the touch. This way you can get a more pleasant heating for a relatively low environmental temperature with an additional energy savings.

1. The traditional heating warms the air.

2. The hot air rises, creating a temperature difference between the floor and ceiling.

3. The surfaces further from the heat source cools the air that tends to fall.

4. The human body perceives the heat unevenly with its malaise.

1. The radiant Celsius emit a infrared radiation, which heats by irradiation.

2. Infrared warms every surface (floor, walls and ceiling), body or object within 6 meters from the source.

3. Not layering the air temperatures within the environment remains constant from floor to ceiling.

4. The human body perceives a constant heat resulting in a feeling of well-being.

The operation of the heaters Celsius and Fahrenheit

  • The system transforms electrical energy into infrared radiation;
  • Infrared heating so generated radiates and heats walls, floors, ceilings, furniture;
  • Warm the room surfaces through air movements;
  • Heated surfaces increase the living comfort: increases the power of isolation and at the same time also prevents mold growth.

Why the infrared radiant panels make more?

  1. On a system powered by heat pumps we only have one radiant surface while infra-red system the panel dimensions (595 × 595) heats 3 walls and a floor (in addition to all the objects in the room), earning 4 times more radiant surface.
  2. Increased capacity to adapt to the heat demand: adjusting with control unit. Electronics for each panel/room allows for immediate adaptation to heat rooms with more people or radiated by the sun.