Infrared Heating with radiant panels Celsius and Fahrenheit

Discover the benefits of infrared radiant panels


Choose the best electric heating of your house: manufactures heating systems of new generation with infrared radiant panels Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The technology behind electric warming Celsius and Fahrenheit

Infrared heater radiates objects that, so heated, transmit heat evenly to the surroundings. This phenomenon also maintains the relative humidity across the environment favouring the thermic well-being.

The radiant Celsius emit a infrared radiation, which heats by irradiation.

Infrared warms every surface (floor, walls and ceiling), body or object within 6 meters from the source.

Not layering the air temperatures within the environment remains constant from floor to ceiling.

The human body perceives a constant heat resulting in a feeling of well-being.

Lai Holding offers its customers continuous logistical, commercial and technical support from their location in Oss, the Netherlands. The technical specifications, functionality and benefits of the product line can be found on this website.


* 5 Year guarantee on the Celsius infrared heat panel with a possible extension to 15 years
* 2 Year guarantee on the Fahrenheit infrared heat panel with a possible extension to 12 years

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