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The Celsius and Fahrenheit infrared panels are, thanks to their unique and patented technology, heating elements that heat rooms and objects up to 12 meters from the source in a uniform and homogeneous way.

The infrared panels regulate and keep the relative humidity in the room constant, no oxygen is burned. The infrared panels are ultra-efficient and ecological.

The infrared panels comply with all European regulations and are ideal for private and industrial heating.

Ultra-efficient infrared heating compared to traditional heating

Infrarood-verwarming - celsius - fahrenheit- infrarood warmtepanelen

Ultra-efficient infrared heating

Celsius and Fahrenheit infrared panels emit infrared rays, which heat by radiation. The infrared radiation heats any surface (floor, walls, ceiling), body or object within 12 meters of the source. The temperatures in the room are constant from floor to ceiling. The human body perceives the constant heat, resulting in a sense of well-being. The infrared panels prevent condensation and mould, because the walls are warmer than the air in the room.

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Traditional heating

The heat pump, radiators, electrical resistance panels, heating cable panels and carbon fiber panels are heating systems that operate by virtue of airflow; they heat the air and the percentage of infrared radiation is minimal. Warm air tends to rise, creating a thermal difference between the floor and the ceiling. The surfaces furthest from the heat source cool the surrounding air. The human body perceives the movement of air and heat unevenly with a relative sense of discomfort.

Advantages of infrared panel heating


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Celsius products

The flagship of infrared technology

Long-wave infrared 8.5 µm -11 µm
Computer-controlled control unit with display
Radiation distance: up to 12 m
Heated room: up to 72 m²
Energy efficiency: 3650 Kcal
Up to 15 years warranty
Connection with various universal home automation
Programming up to 6 programs per day

infrarood warmtepaneel - celcius - fahrenheit elektrisch verwarmen Celsius

logo fahrenheit infrarood warmtesysteem - warmtepaneel

Fahrenheit products

Infrared technology for everyone

Long wave infrared 8.5 µm -11 µm
Automated LED control unit
Irradiation distance: up to 6 m
Heated surface: up to 50 m²
Energy efficiency: 2550 Kcal
Up to 12 years warranty

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